Sunday, November 21, 2010

Riga - Berlin Leg 1


How long as it been since my last flight? More than 2 months!! I did a couple of GA flights with the GA aircraft but nothing worth putting on the blog, just a few touch and go's.

As I might have mentioned here before, I'm a big PS3 buff so I've been spending all of my free time playing the new Medal of Honor Tier 1 and the very recent COD Black Ops. For those interested in this type of gaming, to put it very briefly, MOH is awesome in single player but is mediocre online and the new COD is huge fun both in single and multiplayer modes. It needs a couple of fixes and it will be perfect just as the previous versions.

Back a couple of months ago, I was so sure we would be able to do 100 flights with Al by the end of the year, it seemed possible then. We should be around 87 right now. Would 13 flights be feasible in 6 weeks? Not very likely. I guess 90 would be the correct number to settle for, eh Al?

Anyway, on with the flight.

The 1st leg is from EVRA, Latvia Riga to EDDT, Berlin Germany. I flew with the Air Baltic 757-200, the type is used on this route in real life as well. Well, according to spotter shots on various sites.

On a side note, the Air Baltic WAR dvd is very well done, great footage with plenty of explanations by the pilots. I found it very useful for flying the PSS 757.

First leg

The loads were light on flight 217 this morning, take-off weight was a hair over 182K pounds with 20K lbs of fuel for this 90-minute flight.

Weather at Riga was winds 086/5 and 8C with clouds overcast at a low 300 feet, visibility 1,5 in miles in light rain.

Cleared for taxi

I took off from runway 36 following the Rogat 1G departure on to the M869 airway.

Traffic wasn't very heavy at EVRA, good enough not saturating the single runway.

Unidentified ATR coming in

After 2 incoming aircraft I lined up and started my take-off roll. Despite the low load figures I used full take-off thrust per wet runway procedures. Needless to say, with all that power I was rotating before I knew it.


Climb and cruise flight was pretty smooth. The clouds cleared over Poland and arrival weather seemed good.

Clearance for 26L came 80 miles out and I flew the Bodla 3Z arrival.

I flew through some mild turbulence at 10000 feet, entering the clouds. Weather at Tegel was winds 228 at 7 with clouds 1900 few and light rain.

Turning to base

My 2 month pause had taken its toll and my flying on approach was sloppy to say the least. I was too high and to fast on final approach but was able to recover by lowering the landing gear, creating some extra drag.

Final, ILS 26L

Once stabilized, the A/P went off and I handflew the approach below 1000 feet.


My landing was good, not excellent but good nonetheless. I touched down slightly to the right but quite smoothly so no discomfort for the pax.

Where's the gate?

EDDT isn't very comlicated ramp wise and since the gate numbers were marked on the ground I didn't need the FS taxi aid.

At the gate

Note the LH 300 in the upper shot. This type was operated on short shuttle flights in Germany and I believe it was phased out this summer. I guess I'll have to wait for the next Lufthansa update from WOAI for the virtual A300s to cease service.

After a 45 minute layover, we're heading back to EVRA.

Click here for leg 2.

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  1. I still say we push for 100! LOVE the short final shot!!

  2. Yeah, hell, let's do it! 100 by the end of the year. There're only 13 flights to go for 6 weekends.

    We should be able to pull it off.