Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arlanda - Adenauer - Arlanda Leg 1

Where better to start a winter flight than Stockholm, Sweden..? Although, Winter hasn't really started yet.

Still, my random choice was spot on since there was light snow at Arlanda.

Flight AB8103, a real world Air Berlin flight per their website was from ESSA, Stockholm to EDDK, Koeln-Bonn. I flew the round trip, 2 legs. I should have started the series at EDDK since Air Berlin is German but Arlanda seemed more appealing somehow. Probably because of the snowy conditions.

Taxing to the active

The weather at ESSA was winds 058 at 14 with few clouds at 700 and broken clouds at 1500 in light snow. The temperature was a freezing -7C. Perfect conditions for fliping those anti-ice switches on the overhead panel.

With northeastern winds, I took off from runway 01L and follwing the Nosli 4C departure route, turning south and joining the UN850 airway.


The take-off was pretty bumpy, mostly due to the slight crosswinds and gusts but above the low cloud cover the ride got smoother. I ran into some turbulence for a minute or two at FL200 but nothing serious. The clouds didn't clear until I left Sweden.

Approaching EDDK

The weather was much better at EDDK with very mild winds from the east, few clouds at 1600 but still quite chilly at -1C.

For your information, on the day I did the flights my howntown of Istanbul is still in the low 20s!

I flew the Kopag 1V arrival for a landing on runway 14L.

Very short final

One of the advantages of a leg series is that you can fly both at night and during the day, enjoying the night-time atmosphere of the runway lights and the sight-seeing oppotunity of day-time.

Traffic was calm on this Sunday morning at Adenauer airport. Just a few company aircraft along with the regular customers such as GermanWings or Lufthansa coming and going.

At the parking stand

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  1. Approach shot is damn nice. I love EDDK too! One of my fav FS airports......

  2. Yup, a great place for cargo flights as well. There were like 20 Maersk 767Fs on the cargo ramp.