Sunday, March 21, 2010

John Lennon

Nope, this is review is not about The Beatles. It's the name of my arrival airport which is also known as Liverpool Airport.

Ryanair flies into and out of Liverpool as well as Trieste, however I couldn't find a flight between the 2 cities. Oh well, let's just say this is a charter flight.

Flight FR558 flew the following route of 850NM at a cruise altitude of 36000 feet:


Weather at Trieste was calm winds with scattered clouds at 1000 and broken at 5000. The temperature was 12C degrees.

LIPQ runway operations seem to favor 09 so I closed the reciprocal end to prevent any bad FS surprises.

There are a few departure routes at Trieste for this runway, I went for TIBRO 5D which requires a nice right turn at 600 feet. This can be done by the autopilot in HDG mode or LNAV but I chose to stick to the realistic way and flew the turn manually.

Boarding complete

Not much traffic at LIPQ this afternoon, just an Alitalia Maddog. I don't suppose Trieste has a lot of traffic normally anyway. I love these smaller, secondary airports.

Runway 09

Initial climbout was quite smooth and very fun, flying manually to the RON NDB which is basically a right turn to heading 300. The PMDG NG trims very nicely and although said a million times, is a joy to handfly.

The derated thrust also helped with keeping my speed and pitch stable, also keeping everyone happy back in the cabin.

Suburbs of Trieste (I'm guessing)

The flight took me over Austria, Germany, Belgium and I entered the UK flying roughly over the Strait of Dover.

I flew right over Brussels Airport and was able to listen briefly to the aircraft getting cleared to runways 25L and 25R. Also, the net was full of the usual European carriers. Also, aircraft at Heathrow were using 27L and 27R.

Over EBBR, 25L/R were in use

Thanks to a crappy headwind my flight lasted a bit longer than it should have and as you can see in the below shot my fuel was in critical state on final.

The winds at EGGP were blowing from the Southwest at 5 knots with clouds 4500 scattered and 12C, favoring a KEGUN 2A arrival and an ILS 27 approach.

Short final, runway 27

There was a nice tidy flow of traffic at Liverpool, mostly Easyjet and Ryanair.

'ello mate! Who's livery is older?

I'm heading over to Northern America for my next flight with Calgary being either the departure or arrival airport.

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  1. His livery is older!

    I got to admit I love the line up shot the best.

    They did a great job on those textures, looks real!

    I just departed CYYC for KPDX....

    Liverpool eh? IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE! Hehe I had to say it...

  2. Yeah, that LIPQ scenery is outstanding!