Monday, March 1, 2010

GA Flying

I don't fly with GA very much, only for testing sceneries or afcad files and I do that mostly in the stock Robinson chopper. That said, I love this Carenado 182 RG. It's extremely fun to fly. Last year I got this book about Radio Navigation and Instrument flying, I haven't read it yet completely, only went through the pages and took a look at the subjects. FS may not be totally accurate in terms of flight dynamics but it's a good platform to learn the basics of the flight instruments and how to use them correctly.

There are tons of places where I could have done my GA flying but I chose to do it where I ended my last flight, Manchester. I didn't plan any itinerary, I just decided to head straight out and do some touch and go's on the surrounding smaller airports with the aide of the FS Garmin GPS. I quite like the stock GPS and find it useful for this type of flying.

After going through the brief checklist, I started my 182, which feels like starting a car after the complexe start up of jet airliners.

I fell in behind a Swiss 146 and a BA 319 on my way to 05L. The weather at EGCC was calm winds, 3 mile visibility and clouds at a ceiling of 2500. The low visibility worried me a little because FS ATC won't clear VFR flights in these conditions, luckily though all went well. Mind you, I would have took off unauthorized anyway, it's not something I haven't done before in flight sim...

On my way to the active, 05L

I find it tricky to taxi with small GA aircraft such as the Cessna here since I fly mainly with larger airliners, the taxiways and the runway seem huge in the 182.

The Swiss BAE 146 is on the way to Basle and the BA to Gatwick. I enjoy very much knowing where my AI are flying, listening to them over the net. It adds to the simming experience.

Ready to go, 05L, the runway looks HUGE

The initial climb with not much work to do in these slower aircraft lets you enjoy the view around.

After a right turn heading south, I climbed initially to 5000 feet, broke through the clouds at around 3000. I didn't like what I was seeing at that altitude so I redescened to 3000.

Not a good view, I should descend a little

After a quick look at the GPS I chose EGSY for my first touch and go, Sheffield City that is.

EGSY ATIS read winds 276 at 8, visibility 6 miles. Nothing out of the order for a runway 28 approach.

Final for 28, EGSY

Although I flew VFR I tuned into the ILS frequency just in case. Visual approaches are fairly easy in the 182.

After wiggling the wings saluting EGSY staff I headed to EGXG.

Being close, ATC promply cleared me to runway 34 which is 5500 feet by the way, more than enough for me.

On final runway 34, EGXG

Full throttle and back in the air, now off to EGXE. The weather started clearing up at this point and mild turbulence began. Very fun in this little bird.

The approrach for runway 34 at EGXE was pretty much a straight in., winds 280 at 5.

EGXE, runway 34

Newcastle, EGNT was next. I was cleared to runway 25 and went for a VORDME approach turning base just of the coast, beautiful view as the sun was setting.

Over the city of Newcastle

The approach into EGNT was a bit bumpy which added to the fun and required corrections all the way down. Very fun indeed.

As usual, I came in a tad high and touched down late but had enough runway anyway. Flaring is trickier in the small Cessna.

There was some traffic at Newcastle, KLM 964 was getting cleared for take-off as I prepared for landing.

On final 25, EGNT

My final destination was EGNC (Carlisle).

EGNC, runway 25

That's enough for the afternoon

I should definitely do more of this type of flying, making use of NDBs and VOR radials as I had a lot of fun...

I'm planning on heading over to Australia for a Qantas flight. I've never done a trip on that continent for my blog and I think it might be a nice change flying in the southern hemisphere.

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  1. WOOT! Love the banking right shot at Newcastle (I have been there in real life). As well the two shot final shots into the sunset are SPECTACULAR!

    And the VC Onur! Awesome.......looking really awesome. I have a Cessna 210 of theirs I never ever use if you want it.

  2. Thanks, Al!

    Yup, flying from the VC is really cool, more realistic.

    Now that's an offer I cannot refuse!