Monday, February 8, 2010

Kobe Beef and Sake

I'm not a big fan of Sake, it's too strong for me, I would like to try Kobe beef though, especially if it's cooked rare.

The title indicates pretty much wherabouts of the flight. I flew this short hop from Gimhae, Korea (South that is) to Kansai, Japan. The 400NM trip took 1 hour and 25 minutes stand to stand. In real life I don't think ANA serves this route since I couldn't see it on their website but hey, anything is possible in FS, one of the things that makes it so fun. By the way, if you would like to fly around RKPK there is a nice freeware scenery that Al guided me to which you can find in the Avsim library.

Vroute gave me 2 routes, I prefered the slightly longer one:


My cruise altitude was 33 000 feet. Take-off weight was roughly 121K lbs with a fuel load of 13.8K lbs, more than enough for this short route.

The weather at RKPK actually shoud have been winds 290/3 with broken clouds at 2000 and overcast at 5000 and a 4KM visibility. However, the FS weather engine couldn't retreive it and went along with the default theme. I guess Gimhae is one of those "blind spots" for FS. I had the same problem at RJBB too. I should seriously consider getting Active Sky.

Judging by the charts RKPK seems to favor 36L and 36R for departures and arrivals. I decided to close both 18s to prevent any nasty surprises. Traffic was sparse, only a couple of Korean 737s coming and going.

After a short taxi from stand 20 to the active I took off on a Nakdong4A departure.

Cleared to go

The swifty 700 quickly reached the rotation speed and climbed steeply despite the derated thrust. Departures at Gimhae require a manual turn at 450 feet so you have to keep an eye on your speed, bank rate and climb rate at the same time. Not an easy task for me as I mainly fly with the autopilot in my airliners.


Cruise flight was as uneventful as usual with a smooth tailwind and no turbulence. Being a night flight there wasn't much to see below me anyway... I decided to play a few sessions of online COD MW2 deathmatches on my PS3. A wonderful way to pass the time.

Approaching Kansai Airport

Again, same problem at Kansai, the metar indicated strong winds, 180/22 but FS decided otherwise and went for the default theme thus messing up entirely my arrival plan for runway 24 on the Eddie arrival. Normally I do the necessary changes in the FMC and go with the ATC but this time I told it to get stuffed and continued on my initial planning to runway 24.

Landing, I love those approach lights

My landing was excellent, a real greaser this time, I won't get too excited though, the winds were calm, too easy...

My next flight is going to be a transatlantic one, most likely from Boston to Manchester if I don't run into any scenery problems or don't come up with another route.

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  1. I hate the FS ATC as well.

    I love the landing lights in the "cleared to go" shot! Are they the default? I think I use "Nicks lights fix V2" but those look awesome in that shot there.

    Active Sky is a must have Onur!

    Looking forward to that Trans Atlantic flight....

    How was the Kobe Beef?

  2. Thanks for the kind comments.

    My light textures are from the freeware REP along with changes in a couple of lines in the cfg file. ("runway lights scalar" or something like that)

    You're right, I should definitely get AS.

    The Kobe fillet was delicious, especially with french mustard! HAHA