Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back In The Skies

Well, virtually speaking of course, hehe. Still, it's a great feeling to be back simming again after 6 months, I really missed it.

This flight has sort of a special meaning to me. I planned this one before I even took it, before I left for my army service actually. I knew I would be inspired by the real life return trip. It was just wonderful to be on it returning back home, moreover it was on an NG, my favorite airliner and needless to say, every minute on it felt like heaven. Also, the onboard served D0&Co meal tasted delicious after army food.
I definitely have a soft spot for LTBA, despite all the air traffic and delay issues I still love arriving at my home airport.

Vroute gave me the following route for the 500NM flight with TK 685:


Total block time for the flight was 1 hour and 35 minutes.

I like the Flight Progress Card of Vroute, I printed one before the flight and filled in the spaces left for the user. It has about all the information you need for your flight planning, very neat I must say.

The weather at Oguzeli airport was winds 040 at 15 with broken clouds at 2500 and overcast at 8000 calling for a take-off from runway 10L.

Ready to go at runway 10L

After a bumpy initial climb on a Boyat1A departure I joined the UA17 airway.

Climbing over Gaziantep (or just Antep)

The enroute weather was heavy winds from the Southwest which luckily eased off. My view consisted of a very cloudy Anatolia below me all along the route.

Flying over Esenboga, the Capital city airport

Approach clearance came at around 75NM with earlier descent instructions, FS ATC was quite decent this time too. I had initially planned for a YAA1T arrival to runway 24 which complied perfectly with FS. I went for a flaps 30 landing and autobrakes 2 since runway 24 isn't very long.

Approaching Istanbul, note the YAA1T arrival on the ND

The ride got turbulent below 10K feet, turbulent weather adds to the feeling of flying and is much welcome on my simming sessions.

Inbound BKZ, flying roughly over my house on the Asian coast

During my simming, I could hear real aircraft flying over my home on approximately the same approach route.

You should notice the Bosphorus Strait in the above screen shot, it's not very common to see 2 continents this close anywhere in the World, except for the Istanbul resident who gets to see it pretty much on a daily basis.

The weather at LTBA was calm southerly winds calling for a landing on runway 24.

Final approach, runway 24

My landing wasn't very good, not suprising after being away from FS for a while. I touched down a bit late and slightly to the right, no mishaps though.

In real life, when the winds are blowing from the South, driving westerly along the E-5 highway you can spot aircraft inbound for runway 24, it's a bit dangerous spotting while driving at the same time but extremely fun. You can even see an aircraft in your rear view mirror if you're lucky.

Parking stand at LTBA, Home sweet home!

I might head to the Far East for my next flight, Al's latest review happens to be in that part of the World and is inspiring. I've done a fair amount of flying in Europe and the Middle East, the idea of flying elsewhere is quite appealing, hmm...

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  1. Short final is AWESOME! Great to see you back in the saddle Onur ;)

  2. Thanks Al! Indeed, great to back in it!!