Friday, July 10, 2009

Muscat - Karachi

On this flight I will be hauling cargo from Muscat, Oman (OOMS) to Karachi, Pakistan (OPKC) with a DHL 757F.

DHL 201's 500NM route was


The flight took around 1 hour and 20 minutes parking stand to parking stand. Cruise altitude was 32000 feet.

On the ramp at OOMS, loading completed

ZFW was 178K lbs. Fuel load, 20K lbs.

Weather at OOMS was winds 039/5, visibility 4 miles, clear skies and 38C. This brings up a glitch in the online weather engine of FS. The weather generated above is the one from 1500 hours local at OOMS. I bet the temperature is lower at 0300 which was the time on my flight in FS. If you change the time of your flight you should be aware of this small problem.

Mike 08 departure indicates a direct-to to your initial waypoint at 5 DME. I flew directly to intercept the airway at waypoint ITILA.

Before take-off checklist completed, ready to go runway 08

Climbout and cruise in the dark was uneventful, apart from the sunrise which was in front of me since I was heading East.

The route took me over the Gulf of Oman, I had a mild headwind all along the way.

According to the Jepp charts , landings are mainly done on runways 25L and 25R at OPKC. I had set my afcad file accordingly so I had entered my approach route in the CDU while preflight, no chance of any runway changes. Just as planned, FS ATC gave the clearance 85NM out. I selected a Marvi transition as per the LOTAT2B arrival.

Approaching OPKC over the coast of Pakistan, beautiful morning view

Weather at OPKC was winds 240/8, visibility 4 miles, broken clouds at 10000, scattered 2000. Temperature was a hot 35C along with some haze.

Very short final 25L, flaps 30

The PSS 757 is quite stable in manual flight, once again I came in a bit low as you can see in the shot but my landing was perfect, nice and smooth with autobrakes2 and reversers.

Taxing to the cargo ramp

I found a freeware Karachi scenery but it wasn't very good, not to my taste anyway. I would fly alot more around this region but the distances are long and there isn't much in terms of scenery. Still, I enjoy these Middle Eastern and Asian routes alot.

Thanks for viewing.


  1. Anonymous10/7/09 23:27

    love your cargo flights with DHL

  2. Hey thanks, stay tuned for more!

  3. Love the night panel shots Onur. And the one with you turning away from the sun is awesome too.


  4. Thanks! I'm in love with the panel lighting on this aircraft.

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