Friday, July 24, 2009

Karachi to Delhi

My last flight with the DHL 752F was from Muscat to Karachi. For this review, I decided to pick it up from OPKC and head east to Delhi, India. FRF Studios released their VIDP version a few months ago. I like FRF airports, they are good quality, manual installation freeware sceneries and are easy on frames, hence the name Frame Rate Friendly.

The only thing I didn't like about this one is that the airport layout is apparently done with AFX instead of Lee Swordy's Afcad2. I would have prefered the latter since I like to play around with my AF2 files as do many other simmers. You can open AFX bgls with Afcad2 but editing them may cause problems, that's what the readme file says anyway.

OPKC - VIDP is a 650NM flight which took 1hour and 51 minutes stand to stand.

The route created by Routefinder for DHL 38 (fictional) was:


"Tiger" is one cool waypoint name, I must say! There are many funny ones around the world and they always make me chuckle when I come across one. There are country specific ones too, like names. The guys who assign them obviously have a sense of humour!

The CDU computed an optimal cruise altitude of 36000 feet for the trip. ZFW was 174K lbs with 25K lbs of fuel.

Weather was a stormy 30C at Karachi with winds 270/10, visibility 2 in light rain, few clouds 2500 and ceiling 9000 broken. A beautiful night to fly!

All set, taxi to runway 25R via Echo and then Golf

Karachi airport was busy at the time of my flight (around 1900 Zulu), especially with a lot of incoming traffic, Air China, Emirates and of course plenty of Pakistan.

Cleared for take-off 25R, I love this angle with the lights

I flew the Badil2A departure. Recently, I rewrote the procedures for OPKC to use with PMDG aircraft because couldn't find any good ones. The PSS one also has a few mistakes which I corrected manually on the CDU. Not being in .txt format, I wonder if there is an easy way to rewrite them...?

Heavy turbulence was on the menu from initial climb upto about 15000 feet, so heavy actually that the aircraft was wildly bouncing around. I hadn't had this since a while in the sim. Very fun in FS, maybe not so much in real life.

Climbing out of Karachi

The weather gradually eased off as I climbed higher. The storm stayed with me, however, all along the way with yellow and magenta returns on the radar. Cruise flight was calm.

It was nice to hear Asian callsigns on the net for a change, Singapore, Air India, Pakistani...

I started my descent around 120NM out of VIDP. FS ATC agreed with my CDU and told me to descend at the exact same spot.

My arrival into Delhi was Avgon2A for a landing on runway 10, just as I had planned before the flight.

ATIS read winds 100 at 12, 2 miles visibility with few clouds at 3900, scattered 9900 and 28C. The approach lights came into view at around the 500 feet callout, pretty exciting. After that I did a manual landing.

Short final, runway 10. Runway 09 on the left

The landing was smooth, a greaser, actually. Autobrakes 2 and reversers slowed me soon and I taxied to the cargo ramp via Lima, Lima1 and Romeo.

American 293 was departing for Chicago as I was taxing to my stand, 15 hours! Ugghhh!


I think I'll be returning to Europe or maybe I'll head to Northern America for my next flight.

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  1. WOW WEE on that short final shot Onur! Awesome stuff (like I'm there with you). I love it and the night panel on that bird is just awesome. Makes me want to do a flight in the 757 now.

    I love the bumpy ride in real life too, not just in the sim. Gives you something to think about (added to the log too!).

  2. BTW your in Crusie mode for the landing (my bad habits running off on you?)

  3. Hey, I noticed the thrust mode too. I took a look at all my 757 shots, they're the same.

    Either I'm missing something or unlike the PMDG, the PSS won't go into GA mode automatically.

  4. Same deal here, just checked my shots (see my Las Vegas shot from May).....