Saturday, January 15, 2011


Here's my first flight in 2011. I'm hoping to beat my 43-flight mark of last year. 50 is the objective for 2011.

My laziness is phenomenal, by the way. It has been 10 days since I've done this flight...

On with the trip.

Easy 1475, the real world flight was from Geneva to Toulouse with 140 passengers and 15K lbs of fuel.

Company ship taxing in

The weather at LSGG was awful to be honest with light rain and mildly gustling winds.

Traffic was heavy at Cointrin too, taking its toll on the single runway with long waits for incoming aircraft.

2nd for take-off

I was only 2nd behind a Brussels Jumbolino but had to wait around 15 minutes because of the incoming traffic. Don't get me wrong, I love these take-off queues, they add to the realism in FS.

Lufthansa coming in

Finally I managed to catch a gap and got my take-off clearance, went swiftly through the take-off checklist and hit the TOGA button.

Ready to go

My initial climb was pretty smooth and I broke out of the cloud cover at 5000 feet and flew the Odvil 1P departure.

Over Lyon Satolas

Weather in Toulouse was westerly winds calling for a landing on 32R. I proceeded on the Narak 5L arrival which brings you from the north of Toulouse for a right downwind approach to runway 32R.

Outskirts of Toulouse

I came in pretty fast to catch up on my departure delay and headwinds on route.

Very short final

My touchdown was spot on, nice and smooth. During my 7 years of stay in Toulouse I never experienced a hard landing. I was either very lucky (or unlucky!) or the pilots flying the aircraft I flew on were very skilled.

Parking stand

Next flight is across the pond, from Chicago to San Antonio.

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  1. Love the rainy shot with the Lufty! And the short final (WOOT!).

    Hey! Two down, forty eight to go..........