Friday, September 10, 2010

Air Europa Leg Series 2

Ok then,

With 123 passengers off and 28 on back to Paris, flight 602 is on the way to Almeria to offload the remaining folks and pick up those destined to Paris.

You can find leg 1 here.

Leg 2 route

This leg is a very short hop, only 158 NM at a cruise level of FL220 and 15 minutes of level flight.

The turnaround took 25 minutes with no refuel as it was scheduled at LEAM for the return leg.

There was heavy Easyjet and Ryanair traffic at LEAL, coming and going pretty frequently.

Boarding complete and ready for push and start

Take-off weather was going to be the same as arrival as not much had changed since half an hour. With only 85 passengers and a light load of fuel the take-off was pretty powerful with a steep climb

Take-off flaps please

I took off on the Magal 2A departure and headed directly to LEAM.

Lining up

During preflight I found out LEAM had an NDB only approach for runway 08. The weather forecast was reporting easterly winds so the landing was going to be very exciting.

Just as I had though, the clearance to runway 08 came a few minutes into the flight and I re-read the procedure to be sure.

Like I always say, handflying the PMDG NG is a real joy so I always look forward to non-precision approaches.

I was able to fly the procedure even better than I thought and I was quite accurate with the descent profile too. I was easily stabilized before 1000 feet.

Approach stabilized

The very slight crosswind and gusts added to the fun, constantly requiring corrections during the last 1000 feet or so.

Winds were 114 at 10 in CAVOK conditions and 22C

Short final NDB 08

Once again a firm landing due to the flaps 40 configuration.

Block time for this leg was 44 minutes, a bit longer than estimated due to a slow downwind leg for that NDB approach.

Click here for the return leg back to Paris.

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  1. WOOT! Love the crosswind short final shot. And an NDB approach to boot! That must have been cool!

  2. It was HUGE fun.

    You fly over the NDB at 6000 and then it's outbound radial 216 for 2 minutes before you start your inbound turn all the while descending to 2000!! Talk about a steep descent.

    I noticed in the shots just now that the thrust mode is still in CRZ on final. I guess you have to change it manually for non-precision approaches...