Saturday, May 1, 2010


The title means "Hello" in Korean, well at least it should mean that according to the Google translator.

The last new visitor country on Cleared for take-off was South Korea. I've already done a few flights in the ROK with the NG, maybe 1 or 2 of them featuring here in the blog, but this time I decided to do a scenic flight at low altitude with my new toy, the Aeroworx 200 and learn a few things about Korean geography in the process.

I took off from the southern coastal city of Yeosu (RKJY) and flew along the south coast, over the western channel of the Strait of Korea and then keeping the coastline to my left I headed north to my destination airport of RKNN which is the in the city of Gangneung, the largest one on the northeast coast. (according to Wikipedia)

Rolling, runway 17

Weather at RKJY was winds 220/3 and 7C with few clouds at 8000. The southerly departure suited my route since I only had to turn left and intercept the 082 radial inbound on the PSN VOR per my flight plan. Actually, I mostly flew visually, the coastline being the reference but I also kept an eye on the HSI and GPS in case I got lost. I'm not familiar with this area.

Like I said in my previous review on the B200, I prefer the analogue configuration.

Just before turning to intercept radial 082 to the PSN VOR

The initial climbout was slightly bumpy and I couldn't really enjoy the view until I was finished with the climb checklist. Everything still happens very fast in the B200 for me.

The weather forecast for the route seemed to be favorable with my cruise altitude of 5000 feet, which I had decided upon to enjoy more the view of the South Korean coast. Turbulence was mild.

Enjoying the view at 5000 feet

I flew over or close to the cities of Busan, Ulsan, Pohang and Ulsan.

On a side note, Turkey and South Korea have very close ties since the Korean War where the Turkish Army was part of the UN forces, another reason which made this flight interesting for me.

The city of Ulsan (I think)

The 235NM flight took around 1 hour and 25 minutes (block time)

Clouds started forming up as I got near to RKNN and the ride was quite bumpy between 5000 and 3000 feet.

Nice clouds by Active Sky

I still haven't completely figured out on how to use the Bendix GPS on this aircraft, I initially wanted to fly one of the loaded procedures in the GPS but after a couple of unsuccesful attempts I went on with a visual approach backed up by the ILS for the runway 26.

Short final for the ILS 26

Arrival weather was winds 248/16 with few clouds at 3100 and 19C. I could really feel the strong winds and gusts on final approach and with the excellent FDE of this add-on, it was great fun.

My landing was a greaser but I touched down a tad too late, I still have to work on my landings.

Good looking aircraft

I've started really liking GA aircraft and I find myself looking at the Carenado website more and more. I hope they do the 208 for FS9. I would love to fly it in the Fedex livery.

My next flight is very likely to or from LOWW, the other airport being LFPG.

Thanks for viewing and annyeong! (bye bye, right?)


  1. Onur her zamanki gibi Awesome. Aşk kalkış atış ve tabii kısa final. Bunlar AS bulutlar .... mükemmel

  2. Did that make any sense??!?! :D

    I have been using Wiki for planning flight's too. A lot of airlines are on there with the to/from from each airport they serve.

  3. HAHA!!! :D

    Was I surprised to see that! Google has got it right, makes perfect sense. Thanks!