Friday, June 26, 2009

Cargo Haul

One thing I like about cargo flights is that you can set them up purely by imagination since they are not scheduled, well, not most of the time. It's possible to pick any destination and it will still feel real. There are certain airports that serve hubs for these freight operations but you can see these haulers pretty much at every airport around the World.

I picked the DHL 757-200 for this one. Why DHL? Because, when I was abroad for university education, my parents used to send me stuff by DHL. So, whenever I see that logo, I always remember those much expected packages full of treats.

Anyway, the flight is from Frankfurt-Main (EDDF) to Gdansk, Poland (EPGD). I wasn't aware of this city until this excellent freeware scenery came out. This is one of the benefits of Flight Sim, you get to know places you've never heard of. If you like flying into and out of small airports in Europe then this add-on is for you.

The route which is around 470NM for DHL 752 (fictional) is:


ZFW was 208600 lbs with a fuel load of 20000 lbs, I wanted a heavy configuration but I think I overdid it here, the figure is beyond the operational limit which is a Max ZFW of 184000lbs.

Weather was bad at EDDF, 071/8 with a few clouds at 4800 and thunder storms, I could see the lightning and hear the thunder during my preflight on the ramp. Temperature was 24C.

Normally I don't fly much around large hubs like Frankfurt, I prefer the smaller, secondary airports. But I have to admit, I loved watching AI traffic doing their thing here. I've been at EDDF many times in real life so the pleasure doubled when I recognized various sections of the airport.

Lined up and ready to go, rwy 07L, TOBAK 3E departure. Note the cells on the weather radar.

Although the weather radar is not fully accurate in FS, it's still adds to the realism to see the cells on the ND. Luckily, we will be flying through a gap. I also find the panel lighting to be very well done on this PSS 757.

Despite it's heavy weight, the 757 climbed with ease to it's cruise altitude of 32000 feet, loads of clouds on the way up, lots of yellow returns on the WX radar.

Just prior to initial descent, FMC message indicates that I have to reset my MCP altitude.

The ride was bumpy on the approach all the way down.

The unassuming FS ATC was spot on with an ILS runway 29 approach via KRT transition, good, just as planned.

Weather at EPGD was 068/10, ceiling 2300 and 16C. Actually, in these circumstances I should have chosen to land on runway 11 but the Jepp chart doesn't include any IAP for 11. Oh well, a nice tailwind would be challenging anyway.

On final rwy 29, my Vref was 140 with flaps 30, talk about being overloaded!

The landing was quite smooth considering the tailwind, and I slowed down with autobrakes 3 and reversers. I bet the brakes were red hot!

To add a note here, the Alpha-India Group has recently done a reworked AF2 file for this version of EPGD, the original one had minor flaws, this one is much better. AIG are experts on AF2s so if you see their files on your favorite FS site, do give them a look.

Parked at our stand with a Wizz Air A320 on the opposite side. You can't see it but there is also a SAS Maddog.

Man, I should do more night flights, I love those runway lights

Thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed this review.


  1. Love the cruise shot with the storms on the ND, and I agree the night lighting is awesome on the PSS 757.

    Excellent post! MORE MORE!!

  2. Thanks Al, would you believe it, this is actually my first full night flight in the 757! I couldn't take my eyes off the panel!